Alexandre Matte
Alexandre Matte
Coaching - 60 minutes

Coaching - 1-on-1

$320.00 - $2,240.00
1-on-1 coaching sessions to work on your next speech or presentation. We can work on the structure, the delivery, or even find the content of your presentation. Depending on your needs, we can discuss globally or go deep in the details.

The result: a much more powerful and meaningful presentation. You'll be able to move the audience to action.

If you're not sure whether this type of coaching is for you, you can book a discovery call by clicking here:

Save up to 30% on multiple sessions. Prices listed in Canadian dollars.

1 session: 320$ CAD (about 235 USD)
3 sessions: 860$ CAD (about 631 USD) - 10% off
5 sessions: 1280$ CAD (about 940 USD) - 20% off
10 sessions: 2240$ CAD (about 1645 USD) - 30% off
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I work with you before and after the session.

Included with each session:
- analysis of your current speech or presentation (recording or text) in advance of the session
- 60-minute session: we discuss your objectives, and we go over the speech together
- I send you a recording of our session along with notes.

If we have multiple sessions, we can create a working calendar with major steps.

Some testimonials:

"This is the best feedback I have ever had in any of my courses, with any teacher, ever!"

"You gave me three or four things to think about that no one has ever given me before, and I've had this speech evaluated 30-40 times. To get input from you at a much higher level is going to help me going forward."

"I was nervous when I started. Now I feel much more empowered."
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